That’s What Faith Must Be

One day, a desperate man went looking for Jesus. He was an important man, an official, in fact. But his importance was of no benefit in his present predicament, because this important official was also a father and his little boy was about to die. Doctor after doctor had worked on this case, but to no amount of medicinal mixtures could do anything to cure him of his sickness. Finally, this desperate daddy turned in despair to a man he’d herd rumors about…

“He heals the sick!” one neighbor told him.

“And raises the dead!” a shopkeeper excitedly exclaimed.

Maybe Jesus would come to my house and heal my little boy, mused the official. Imagine his excitement then, when he received the news that Jesus had just arrived in Galilee. Hurrying to the place where Jesus was, the father found Him and begged Him to come home and heal the sick child. But instead of dropping everything and following the official, Jesus looked at him in love and said “Go, your son will live.”

At this moment, the official had a decision to make. Could Jesus be trusted? Would his son really get well simply because Jesus had said so? Should he turn around and go home, or stay on his knees begging for the Healer to follow him?

“The man took Jesus at His word and departed” (John 4:50). While he was still on his way home, servants met him running and told him that his son was alive and well, and had been since the exact moment that Jesus had spoken the words “your son will live.”

What an incredible example of faith! And how simple faith really is: taking Jesus at His word. No matter what you are facing this week or today, God’s word is full of hope and encouragement. Why not choose a Bible promise and claim it, knowing that Jesus has spoken it directly to you!

Need help finding verses? Check out this link to Bible verses on hundreds of topics.


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