What Have You Done for Jesus this Year?

365 days. 8, 760 hours. 525,600 minutes. 31, 536,000 seconds. 6, 832, 800 breaths of air. 42, 048, 000 heartbeats. That’s what God gave you this year! Now let’s calculate what you’ve done for Him this year– the Bible studies you’ve given, the friends you’ve invited to church, the needy you’ve helped in your community… If your number isn’t that impressive, you’ve got another chance. The year 2014 will be here in a few short days. How can you make next year better for God?

First, let’s identify why God put you on this earth– why you were given all those days, minutes, seconds, breaths of air, and heartbeats. What exactly is your purpose? Matthew 5:16 offers the answer: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” That’s what you’re supposed to do for God here on earth, be a light for Him.

Can you imagine the impact on this world if everyone who knows Christ started sharing Him with those who desperately need Him? The rate of people strung out on drugs would drop. The rate of teens losing their lives to gang violence would go down. Instead of people standing on corners begging for money, people would be standing on corners to give money to those who need it.

Wow! Think about what you could do by just letting your light shine– all the work for God that could be accomplished in just a year! In case you’re wondering , When do I begin?  The answer is now! A year starts as a minute and becomes an hour. Hours become days. Days become weeks. Weeks become months. And a dozen months add up to a year.

Next year this time I hope you’ll look back and know the answer to this question: What have you done for Jesus this year? Hopefully you’ll be able to say, “For 365 days I did my best to shine God’s light in my corner of the world.” May God bless you in this new year as you shine for Him. Someone will see your good deeds and make it to God’s kingdom because you did something for Jesus!

Post your thoughts:    What are some practical ways that you can begin (or continue) working for Jesus in the year 2014?  What are the needs in your home? Church? Community? Click on “Leave a Comment” to share your thoughts. Hopefully we can all get some ideas to jump-start our new year of service for Christ!

(This devotional thought has been adapted from the article “What Have You Done for Jesus This Year?” by Callie Williams III. The original article was published in the December 27, 2008 issue of Insight Magazine.)


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