Lessons from Winter (by Barbara Martz)

This winter has been frigid for most of the country. During the polar vortex, the cold temperatures and blowing snow just kept coming.  While looking out my window, I could not help but observe the beauty of the freshly fallen snow.  It reminded me of the verses about God’s grace and the gift of covering our sins to become ‘as white as snow’.  Then, salt and sun began melting some of the snow and patches of dirty brown began to creep through.  Again, I was reminded of sin’s never ending attempts to infiltrate my life.  It is a battle to overcome sin!  But this morning the freshly fallen snow covered the ugliness reminding me that God continues to send His power to help in the battle against evil that so easily creeps into one’s life and cover our sins anew to be white as snow.  He has promised to be with us, give us the power to overcome, and never leave us alone in this struggle.  He is an awesome friend!


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