Little is Much

Here’s a quick math test:

What is 1 + 1? How about 3 +7? Now try 10 x 2 – 3.

If you answered 2, 10, and 17, you’ve got 100% accuracy so far. Now let’s move on to a word problem.

A woman has one 17 oz  jar of olive oil. She wants to fill other 17 oz  containers using olive oil from her jar. How many 17 oz containers will the woman be able to fill using her 17 oz jar of olive oil?

Think you have the answer? Check to see if you’re correct by reading 2 Kings 4:1-7.

The story of the widow’s oil teaches us an important lesson about heaven’s math. Little is much when you factor God into the equation. He’s pretty good at multiplication in situations where our human brains can only calculate addition. If you keep reading 2 Kings 4, you’ll run into another story in verses 42-44. This time, twenty loaves of barley bread stretch to feed one hundred hungry men and they even had leftovers at the end of the meal.

Never underestimate the power of God to work miracles in order to provide for His children. If He can multiply oil and bread, think what He can do with our time, talents, money, and abilities if we entrust them to His care. Don’t you want God to work a miracle of multiplication in your life? Just surrender your “little” to Him in confident trust and wait for Him to turn your “little” to “MUCH” in His perfect time and way.

**Can you think of other stories in the Bible where God turned “little” into “MUCH”? Do you have a story from your own life where God has worked this miracle for you or your family? Let’s share stories of God’s miraculous multiplication in the comment feed below.

(Note: The use of 17 oz in the word problem is an arbitrary volume used for the sake of  illustration. The Bible does not specify the amount of oil the widow started with or the size or number of the containers she filled. It does tell us, however, that she filled many more containers than she had oil for, and this was a result of God’s divine blessing.)


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