When Blessings Multiply

When Blessings Multiply Apr 9, 204

Remember the story about the three fish and five loaves of bread? If not, read it for yourself here. That small lunch provided food for 5,000 people! There was even left overs for others. Are there lessons for us in contemplating how commitment, business, and faith work together? Donate $1 and it grows into $7 to end hunger or choose from other ADRA/mission projects. The money swells $1 = $7! Just like the fish and loaves!! One year three classrooms decided that the money spent on their Christmas gift exchange would be donated to an ADRA project. This was a special matching opportunity to protected African children at night by providing mosquito nets for cover. The students could donate $5 or more to our Project Christmas. The total donated was over $300 which grew to over $2100. It was enough to provide netting for a crowd of children.

God has promised blessings when one is willing to team up with Him and reach out to others, whether in monetary ways or activities that promote another’s well-being. The participating person is richly blessed for partnering with God. How awesome that He invites us to join with Him in opportunities to improve another’s life nearby or a world away. The blessings just keep coming…


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