Remove the Weeds!

“Not again!” I thought as I surveyed the spring yard work around our deck.  The weeds are growing back! Although in infancy stage, nonetheless, the very weeds that had been so meticulously pulled and the ground treated with weed inhibitor were beginning their summer emergence.  While hoeing, I had time to think.  Last summer had become a ritual of the never ending pulling of these invaders of the soil.  Wait…sin is like this…invader of the soul. Never-ending regrowth.  One application and commitment to Jesus is not enough.  It takes daily, almost hourly, meeting with Jesus to keep sin at bay.  Daily devotional time, prayers at meals, or occasional thoughts of Jesus is not enough.  It’s like the one time application of weed killer.  We need to cultivate, nurture, and encourage a close connection to Jesus.  Did He not promise to be with us always so He can give us strength to overcome every temptation?  In heaven, there will be no weeds.  On earth, we can be sure of God’s help when sin emerges in our lives.

What do you do to nurture your relationship with Jesus during the day?


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