Almost At the Top

My Sophomore year in high school I decided to go on a backpacking trip. I had been hiking with my family before and knew how to put up a tent and hang my backpack in the trees so that the animals couldn’t tear it apart. I felt pretty confident in my backpacking abilities. I was going to be with friends and the sponsors so I wasn’t worried about anything. Once we reached our hiking location we took two days just hiking on single trails. After that though we hiked the rest of the time on the main trail. We crossed over the river that ran along the trail more times than I can remember and I’m pretty sure our feet were soggy from being in the water constantly. On the third day my friend, her mom, and myself found ourselves alone while climbing the hardest part of the trail. Our backs were loaded down by our packs, our feet sore from the long hike and the trail seemed to be getting steeper and steeper by the minute. The hours dragged on as our hope of finding the top started to disappear. The trail was steep and and grew narrow and at times we didn’t know if we were on the trail at all. There were many times where we had to turn around because we took the wrong path. Each wrong path, each trail that seemed to be a short cut or seemed to be easier only caused us to lose more time. We often wanted to just sit and wait for someone to find us or head back down the mountain to familiar ground but we didn’t. We struggled on until the last bend in the path didn’t lead to disappointment but instead brought us to our destination. The sound of familiar voices and the sight of tents gave us a joy that washed away all the hardships we had endured.

There were others who were also afraid of getting lost. Not just getting lost on a trail but getting lost from their heavenly Father. The disciples came to Jesus asking Him how they would know where and how to find Him. They were afraid that once He returned to heaven they wouldn’t be able reach Him. Jesus answered them, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” He knew that we would all feel lost sometimes and think of giving up but He provided a solution. He was the solution. So even when times get tough or we go through hardships and our situations seem bleak He is there to remind us that He is the Way. If we stay on the path that He has provided we will eventually make it to the top. All we have to do is trust that He will guide us in the right direction.


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