His Follower

Famous people always seem to have a crowd of followers around them. The majority of those people are fans and paparazzi, however even famous people need a few close friends that they can rely on. Believe it or not there was a famous person in Bible times. His name was Jesus. He had many types of followers. People who were desperate for help, those who wished to learn, those who only wanted to see the miracles, and those who wanted to plan His downfall. Among those however were a special 12 that he kept close. They were known as his disciples. A disciple is someone who is totally devoted to another. Someone who gives up their life to follow the teacher.

Now you must be thinking that these men must have been something special indeed but that wasn’t really the case. The truth is that these so called holy men made lots of mistakes. They were sinners just like you and me and just like them we don’t have to be perfect to follow Jesus. He only has a simple request “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”(Matt 16:24) When we do that He is able to use our hearts, hands, and voices to share His love with others. We become His disciples. He takes our sinful lives and transforms them into something amazing. So for the next 12 weeks we will be discovering who each of the disciples were and how their lives changed after being with Jesus.


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