Fisher of Men

The first disciple that we are going to look at is Peter. Now Peter was a fisherman by trade and most likely had very little education. This man was not just a jolly fisherman however. He is most commonly known for his brash attitude. A few examples of this consist of when he woke Jesus up in the middle of the night to ask him about how many times you can forgive someone, or when he yelled at Jesus about how he would never let anyone hurt his Lord, or the time when he cut off the servants ear, and finally when he denied knowing Jesus, not once but three times. This man was always getting himself into trouble. However when you look at these stories closer you notice that every time Peter did something Jesus was right there to help him. Jesus had the perfect response and reaction to everything. He told Peter that he should keep forgiving no mater what. He reminded him that he couldn’t stop his Lord from dying and that even he would end up giving his life for his faith. He also told Peter that he shouldn’t use violence to get his way and he even forgave him for his denial.

You may look at Peter and ask, “why him?” He had a bad temper, he wasn’t very bright, and spoke without thinking. But I think we forget to notice that these characteristics were that of someone who was willing to speak up and do things that others were scared to do. He was confident and courageous and Jesus knew that this man would give up anything for his Lord. Jesus saw this and decided that this man would not only be a regular fisherman but he eventually become a great leader among the new church. He would be a fisher of men.

What are some of your favorite characteristics of Peter? Let us know 🙂



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