Quiet Servant

Our second disciple is often remembered because he is the brother of our previously mentioned disciple. His name was Andrew. He was a fisherman just like Peter but it seems that he took a break from fishing to be a follower of John the Baptist. Soon after John died, however, Andrew went back to fishing with his brother. Andrew knew about Jesus because of John and it is recorded that Andrew was actually the first disciple to meet Jesus. In fact he is the one that brought his brother and friends to meet the Savior.

If you recall from last time, Peter was loud and spontaneous. Andrew on the other hand preferred to stay in the background. He wasn’t someone who liked the spot light but no mater where Jesus went you could find Andrew. He was dedicated and faithful. He was constantly bringing people to Jesus. The most recognizable story that he is found in is when he brought the boy who had the two fish and five loaves to Jesus, which He used to feed the 5000.

We often have this idea that in order for other people to know that we are Christians we have to be loud and make sure everyone sees our good works. But this isn’t the case. Jesus doesn’t care if we are loud or quiet, like to be in front of people or work behind the stage, preach a sermon or pray for someone. As long as you are doing your best and using your talents for Jesus that is enough for Him. So don’t worry if you are not a Peter. It’s okay to be an Andrew.


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