Skeptics to Believers

Our next two disciples were friends named Philip and Bartholomew. Philip was from Bethsaida and Bartholomew, also known as Nathaneal, was from Cana. Not too much is known about either of them but they both must have played important roles as disciples of Jesus. Our first encounter with Philip was when he went to find his friend Bartholomew to bring him to Jesus. He is also seen during the feeding of the 5000 when Jesus asked him how they were going to feed all of the people. Philip showed lack of faith by answering Jesus in amount of money and work needed to get the food instead of trusting Jesus for a miracle. Philip also lacked faith right before Jesus was arrested. He asked the messiah to show them the Heavenly Father. Jesus was saddened that after so much time spent together Philip still didn’t have faith that Jesus Himself was one with the Father.

Our other disciple Bartholomew was very skeptical when Philip told him that he had found the messiah in. His response was “Nazareth? Can anything good come from Nazareth?” This was a typical response as Nazareth was not a place of high regard but non the less this answer showed the lack of faith that Bartholomew had for this supposed messiah. Only after Jesus proved to Bartholomew that He had seen him sitting under a fig tree did he believe that Jesus was the savior.

Just like Philip had to have faith about feeding a lot of people or how Bartholomew had to have faith in a man that he didn’t even know, we sometimes have to have faith in uncertain situations. By trusting in Him we can have assurance that all things will work out for good. At the beginning these disciples might have been hindered by their lack of faith, but that was short lived. They soon went on to become great missionaries for Jesus and eventually gave up their lives for the His cause.


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