The Radicals

Our next two disciples are Thadaeus, also known as Judas, and Simon. Just like some of our previous disciples not much is known about these two. One thing we do know for sure is that they were both zealots. Many of the disciples where zealots but these two are the ones associated with the group. Zealots were political radicals that wanted to tear down the Roman’s and set the Jews free. They were looking for a messiah, someone who would over through the Roman empire and become King over Israel. Because of this mindset they were looking for someone who would be a savior of the Jews not a savior of the soul. I believe this is why it took the disciples so long to realize that Jesus’ goal on earth was to save people from Satan not from earthly rulers.

Radicals were the people that brought lots of change with them. They were the ones that weren’t afraid to speak out and step out of their comfort zones. If we as Christians are supposed to be radicals for God. We should be zealous for Him just like Thadaeus and Simon were zealous for what they believed in.


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