Bad Temper to Confident Leader

Our next disciple is James. In the Bible we most often find James connected to his brother John. James was the oldest of the two. These two were sons of Zebedee. They were also known as sons of thunder because of their quick flaring tempers. One time when Jesus and the disciples were heading towards Jerusalem they tried stopping at a Samaritan town but the people wouldn’t let them in. So James with his brother decided to ask Jesus if they could call down fire from heaven to burn up all the people for being unwelcoming to the Savior. Another time they asked Jesus if they could be the ones to sit on Jesus’ right and left side in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus rebuked them both times reminding them that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

As the oldest I imagine that James was the one to think up their ideas when he and his brother talked together. I could just see John following along with his brother and his “great” plans. Older siblings tend to have a certain attitude; they think they know more and more often than not they can be bossy. I know because I am an older sibling myself. When I read about James I get the idea that he was probably just like any older sibling. His confidence and quick temper seemed to get him in trouble a lot and yet Jesus kept him as one of his close disciples. Jesus knew that if James let his temper go out of control it could lead to bad things but if he allowed Jesus to control it he would be able to be used by His Lord. James also became a very strong leader of Jesus’ followers and he was able to turn his once bad temper into powerful confidence that would help lead many more people to Jesus.

All of us have something we struggle with, whether it be our temper, addiction, lying, bullying, or anything just remember Jesus has the power to take control of it and change it into something amazing!


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