Doubting Just a Little

Thomas will forever be known as the doubter. The one that didn’t believe his fellow disciples when they told him that they had seen Jesus. When Jesus first made his appearance to his followers, Thomas was absent. Whether it was because of his sadness at the loss of his Savior or because he was busy with work we don’t know but for some reason he was not there when Jesus appeared. He wouldn’t believe that Jesus was alive and with them until he saw the nail marks and put his hands on them. It wasn’t that Thomas didn’t trust his friends, he just wanted to discover for himself what the truth was.

When you hear the news or watch some extraordinary show on TV you know right away that you can’t totally believe it. Not everything you hear and see is true. The only way to find out the truth is to research and investigate for yourself. It is OK to ask questions, especially when it comes to the Bible. Make sure that you are reading His Word and spending time with Him, that way you will know when someone is telling the truth or not. So don’t be afraid to doubt a little. Take it to God and find out the Truth.


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