Less is More

James the son of Alphaeus is our next disciple. This man is not to be confused with James the brother of John. In order to keep people from being confused, this James is often refereed to as James the Lesser. He could have been given this name because he was younger than the other James or maybe because he was shorter but we don’t know for sure. No matter the reason I wonder how he felt being given that title. Did it make him feel less of a disciple, less of a follower of Jesus? Was he teased because of his name? In Bible times names had special meanings. They often represented who you were. If the name “Lesser” was a representation of you how would that make you feel?

If James ever felt bad or looked down upon because of His name I’m sure Jesus was there to lift his spirits. There may be times when we don’t feel important or wanted by others, Jesus knows how we feel. When we feel insignificant and doubt ourselves we should’t worry because Jesus loves us. He has already crowned us as his sons and daughters. No name that earthly beings give us will outshine the honor that God gives us.


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