Intentions Uncovered

Our next disciple is Judas. Judas dealt with the expenses and arrangements. I bet he felt pretty good about himself, especially because not very many of the disciples had much education. When Mary poured perfume on Jesus’ feet, Judas asked why Mary was wasting expensive perfume when she could have given the money to the poor. His intentions sounded pure but he would just as soon have taken the money for himself. Later when he came to the realization that Jesus wasn’t going to make Himself king, Judas took it into his own hands to speed the process along. He sold Jesus’ location for 30 pieces of silver, the price of a slave. In the end, he regretted what he had done but he couldn’t undo what was already done.

Just because you appear to be a good person doesn’t make you one. We need to make sure that our actions follow our words. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what even our own intentions are, but we can always pray David’s prayer in Psalm 119:23. “Examine me, God, and know my mind, test me, and know my thoughts.” God will make it clear to us and guide us in the right way.  


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