The Beloved

Our last disciple, John is often called John the beloved. John was young when he started following Jesus most likely in his teens. He didn’t have much life experience but he was confident and enthusiastic. John and his brother where known as the sons of thunder because they were quick to get angry. Even though John was the youngest, he had plans of being the greatest in the earthly kingdom he thought Jesus would set up. Despite his misunderstandings and temper he spent a lot of time with Jesus and his life was changed.

The special thing about John was that he stayed as close as he could to Jesus. I can imagine that every time people saw Jesus they saw John right beside him. During the many hours they spent together, John shared what was on his heart and Jesus shared what was important to Him. The more time they spent together the closer they became until John was known as the beloved. What a wonderful name to be called!

Who we choose to spend our time with is very important. John became like Jesus through the many hours he spent listening and learning from Jesus. In the same way, the people we spend time with can shape the way we think and act.


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