Are You Trustworthy?

Sometimes we realize what we are doing is wrong but negative results still come. Daniel was able to solve part of the king’s problem and translate the writing on the wall but that didn’t change the message that his kingdom would end. Just like Daniel predicted, a new king came to power. Most kings tend to go for new leadership when they come to power but there was something special about Daniel. He was selected by the new king as one of the three supervisors of the governors in the country.

The small amount of control that had been given to the governors wet their appetites for more authority. They were power hungry. When they saw what an excellent job Daniel was doing they were worried he would get the promotion they were wanting. After consideration, they all decided that working together was the best way to get rid of Daniel. So each one of the 120 governors and the two other supervisors watched Daniel. This was no casual watching either. They scrutinized EVERYTHING that Daniel did. They were nitpicky and they were looking to find fault.

Shockingly, after a while, all 122 of them gave up! Daniel was trustworthy. Even with 244 eyes inspecting his every move 24/7, there was nothing they could find to complain about. What would people see if they scrutinized you today? Would they find you trustworthy?

Here is a fun quiz to see how trustworthy you are.   Don’t take it too seriously, but do take a moment to seriously think about ways you can become more trustworthy and reliable.


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