Life Stronger Than Lions

Where do you find your source of life and strength for each day? What motivates you to wake up and get out of bed each morning? Daniel in the lion’s den is often a favorite Bible story for the amazing miracle of shutting the lion’s mouths but today I want to focus on two individuals and their source of life.

First of all, there is Daniel, whose coworkers that ganged up on him and had a law passed that no one could pray for 30 days. Now it would seem simple enough for Daniel to just pray silently while laying inconspicuously in his bed or even while he looked busy chewing his lunch. But no, when he woke up the next morning he kept his habit of opening his window and pouring his heart out to God. He knew that God was the source of his life and he was not ashamed or afraid.

Of course, his coworkers reported him the first chance they got. Reluctantly, the king realized that he has been tricked and there was no human way to save his most trusted administrator. The king was mortified but Daniel was ushered to the lion’s den.

Then an amazing thing happens, after a sleepless night the king goes to the lion’s den! Why on earth would he go to the den?! There’s no way anything but bones would be left after that long night. To take it even further, after arriving at the den he hollers down the corridor as if he expects Daniel to be alive still. I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure I would have even ventured near the den. But the king believed that life came from Daniel’s God and had no doubts that Daniel would be alive and waiting for him in the morning.

What an amazing demonstration of faith in God by both Daniel and the king! Are you relying in God for the motivation and life you need for today? Will you trust Him with everything?


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