I Can Only Imagine

Have you ever had such a strange dream that when you wake up you can hardly find words to explain what happened? Well, the book of Daniel is full of dreams and this time it was Daniel’s turn. He probably had a hard time explaining some of the creatures he saw in his dream because they were very odd. He dreamed about lions that had wings, a bear, a leopard with four heads, and even a creature with iron teeth and ten horns. Even though the dream was very unusual it was a special dream because through the strange animals God was telling Daniel what would happen in the future.

As the dream continued, Daniel saw something absolutely amazing! In Daniel 7:9-10 he sees God. It says,

His clothing was as white as snow;
    the hair of his head was white like wool.
His throne was flaming with fire,
    and its wheels were all ablaze.
A river of fire was flowing,
    coming out from before him.
Thousands upon thousands attended him;
    ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see God! Just the thought of it makes me excited for the day when we will be able to see God not just in a dream but in person face-to-face.


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