Prayer Warrior

Throughout Daniel’s life there is one thing that was always apparent and that was his reliance upon God. No matter what the situation he was facing involved, he always turned to God for help and in Daniel 9 the situation is the same. Daniel pours out his concerns and requests to God in a beautiful prayer.

His prayer of confession and pleading for God’s help and then God’s immediate response through the angel Gabriel reminds me of this story.

When Hutson Taylor was sailing to China to begin his missionary work, his ship was in great danger. The wind had died, and the current was carrying them toward sunken reefs which were close to islands inhabited by cannibals—so close they could see them building fires on the shore. Everything they tried was to no avail. In his journal Taylor recorded what happened next: The Captain said to me, “Well, we have done everything that can be done.” A thought occurred to me, and I replied, “No, there is one thing we have not done yet.” “What is that?” he queried. “Four of us on board are Christians. Let us each retire to his own cabin, and in agreed prayer ask the Lord to give us immediately a breeze.”

Taylor prayed briefly and then, certain that the answer was coming, went up on the deck and asked the first officer to let down the sails. “What would be the good of that?” he answered roughly. I told him we had been asking a wind from God; that it was coming immediately. Within minutes the wind did began to blow, and it carried them safely past the reefs. Taylor wrote: Thus God encouraged me ere landing on China’s shores to bring every variety of need to Him in prayer, and to expect that He would honour the name of the Lord Jesus and give the help each emergency required.

Just as Daniel pleaded with God for the future of his people that were on his heart and Hutson Taylor pleaded with God for wind, God longs for us to bring the things on our hearts to Him so that he can answer.

Lord, listen! Lord, forgive! Lord, hear us and do something! For your sake, don’t wait! Daniel 9:19


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