Bravery Runs in the Family

As a little girl the story of Queen Esther was always my favorite. She was my role model. I loved her story, she was just a normal girl chosen to be the Queen of all of Persia and then she saved the lives of all of her people. Everyone remembers this story because of the bravery of Esther and how she stood up to Haman and the King. However there is another character in this story that played a very important role. Not only did he work for the king but he also happened to be Esther’s cousin, Mordecai.

Mordecai was a Jewish representative in the king’s courts. He was raised to higher position when Esther was made Queen. Being so near to the king he was able to here about all the on goings in the kingdom. He became aware of a plot to kill the king and told Esther so that she could warn her husband. He was the eyes and ears and supplied Esther with information that helped her save the king as well as her people.

Mordecai seemed like he was a pretty stubborn guy. One of the king’s high officials, Haman, demanded that Mordecai bow down to him but he would not. He would rather die for his faith then give glory to anyone other than God. Haman was furious and wanted to have him killed but instead the King had Mordecai paraded around the city as a “thank you” for saving the king’s life. However right after this Mordecai found out about the decree to kill all of the Jewish people. He morned and fasted and cried out to God. He begged Esther to go before the King to plead for their lives. After Esther convinces the King to spare her people’s lives Mordecai is made Viceroy to the King. With this position he established the day Purim as a memorial to Esther and the deliverance of their people.

Mordecai, Esther’s father figure and friend did more than raise a little girl. He taught her how to be a God fearing woman and to love her people. He stood up for what he believed in without worrying for his life. He knew she was afraid but he also knew that God was with her and would protect her. He used the power he had to look out for others. So next time you hear the story of Esther, remember her bravery, but also remember the cousin that stood beside her.


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