Give Until It’s Gone and Then Keep Giving

I remember when I was in Jr High my school would go to the Salvation Army around Christmas time and help give people gifts for their families. We would each take a “costumer” and lead them around helping them select toys, clothes, and food for their families. I remember carrying bags full of toys or baskets with food to cars for the people. We worked all day and by the end our arms and legs were very tired. However there was this wonderful feeling of being able to help give a little joy to someone who didn’t have very much.

There is a woman in the New Testament who’s short story about her life is a wonderful example for us. Her name was Tabitha but she was also known as Dorcas. She was similar to Mother Theresa, always giving of herself. She made food and clothes and would give it all away to those who were in need. Whenever there was a need she was there to assist. If someone was sick and couldn’t get out of bed to take a bath she was there. If someone was injured and couldn’t pull the weeds out of their garden or plant the crops, she was there. If a mother was stressed from taking care of her six little children, Dorcas was there to help play with the kids and make meals. If a grandpa was cold she would make a blanket. If her neighbors needed new shoes she would sew them new ones. She was constantly looking out for those who had less.

Then something terrible happened Dorcas got sick. We don’t know if she was sick for a long time or if she came down with something quickly but whatever it was it was so bad that she ended up dying. Those who were cared for by her and those who knew her were overcome with grief. They couldn’t understand how this wonderful lady could be taken away from them so quickly. Not only had she provided clothing and food but she had been someone they could rely on. She was a friend to all. In desperation her friends searched around for anyone to help. Then a group of disciples heard that the Apostle Peter was in a nearby town. They called him asking if he would come to her funeral. She had been placed in her upstairs room, cleaned and laid in her bed. Around her were all the mourners and wailers. When Peter arrived he knew that these people had a great love for her. He knew that her work on this Earth was not yet complete so he prayed to God to raise her back to life. Then in front of all of her loved ones she sat up, alive and well.

Did you know that there is an organization that is named Dorcas: Relief and Development. This Christian program is designed to follow in Dorca’s foot steps by providing help, clothing, and food to those who are in need all over the world. Dorcas gave 100% of herself to those around her, and her legacy is still alive today. What are you doing in your life that will leave a mark in this world? I encourage you to take time to help out those less fortunate than you. There are many organizations besides Dorcas that are designed to help those in need. Is there an organization near you that you could help out with? Is there a donation center or a soup center that you could volunteer at? What is some way that you could give of yourself to help someone that has less?


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