Scarlet Sins and Scarlet Cords

You may have noticed by now that the people God uses for his plans are often sinners. But wait a minute. Aren’t we all sinners? So why do we jump to conclusions and judge others when we are also sinners.

There is a story in the Bible (Joshua 2 and 6) about a woman who was not very virtuous. Her name was Rahab and the Bible refers to her as a harlot. In other words she worked at or was in charge of a brothel. She lived at the edge of town along the city wall and everyone knew who she was. She always had visitors so no one would be very suspicious if men showed up to her house, they knew what kind of a person she was. One day two men showed up that were from the Israelite camp that was pitched outside the city walls. They had entered the city as spies and needed to hide from the soldiers. They ran to her home and asked if she would help them. She could have turned them in or turned them away but instead she hid them on her roof. She told the soldiers she didn’t know where the men were. Once night fell she lowered the men from a window to the ground outside the city wall. Because of her kindness and bravery they told her that if she left the red cord hanging from her window she and her family would be saved when the city was destroyed.

By hiding the spies not only did she put her life on the line but also that of her family. She put faith in a God that she didn’t know. She helped the spies escape and she saved her entire family from the destruction of the city. After the city fell she and her family went to live with the Israelite people. She ended up marrying one of the Israelite men and her children became the ancestors of Jesus.

Rahab was a sinner but her obvious sin was covered up by her obvious sign of acceptance of Jesus. She hung her bright red cord as proof that she trusted in the God of the men she had saved. I want you to remember Rahab’s story if there is ever a time that you think you are too sinful to be saved. Jesus’ red blood was shed for all of us and we only have to accept it.


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