Lessons from a Slave Girl

Our next not too well known character is a young girl whose name we are not given. Her story can be found in the 5th chapter of 2 Kings. During this time Israel was at war with Syria. Not only were people killed during the fighting but many were stolen from their homelands to be made into slaves. During once such raid an Israelite girl was stolen and taken to the house of Naaman, a high general of the King of Syria. She was a gift to his wife after they returned home from victory over the Israelites. How terrified this young girl must have been, taken away from everything that she had ever known. Her family, home, friends, and culture.

Now she would be a servant for the rest of her life. Instead of becoming filled with despair she worked diligently to serve her new masters. She must have developed a close relationship with Naaman and his wife because she was able to speak freely to them. One day Naaman became sick, sick with leprosy. The doctors and magicians could not heal him. When she saw the pain that Naaman was in and the sadness that filled his wife she knew that she should help in any way she could. This little servant girl who could have kept quiet to get back at those who had kidnapped her decided to help her captors. She shared information about a prophet from her home that could heal the sick. His name was Elisha. Not only did Naaman and his wife listen to their slave girl but Naaman headed her words and rode out towards Israel to find the prophet Elisha. After putting his faith in the instructions of the prophet he was healed. Soon after he returned home.

This slave girl put herself aside and looked out for the needs of another. Not only was she a witness to her masters but she was able to practice her own faith. Next time that someone hurts you remember the servant girl who looked past her hurt to help someone else. Next time you meet someone who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you remember the slave girl who shared her faith while living among those who didn’t follow the same God. Next time you are afraid remember the girl who trusted that her God would be with her. He was. And He will be with you too!



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