Talking Animals

Have you ever wondered what your pets would say if they were able to talk? They already beg for food but if they could talk they would be crying “I’m hungry!” all day long. Would your dog yell at you when you brush his hair and would the cat be sassy because you didn’t let her on the counter. Every once in a while I try to imagine what my little dog would say if he could talk. Hopefully only good things.

Did you know that there is a story in the Bible about a talking animal. I’m not joking. This isn’t a fairy tail where all the animals can communicate with the characters. This is a true story that happened many many many years ago and it can be found in Numbers 22

Now there was a man named Balaam who lived during the time when the Israelite people were making their way to the Promised Land. There was a king who was afraid of the Israelite people and wanted them to be destroyed but there was nothing he could do to get rid of them. So he decided to call on a prophet to curse the children of Israel.  Now Balaam knew that he shouldn’t curse the Lord’s chosen people, however, the king promised Balaam fame and fortune and unfortunately those things won over his good judgement. It was a short journey from Balaam’s home to the kingdom so he decided to ride his trusted donkey. However, on the road the donkey kept stopping and trying to go into the fields and running into the walls. He would not move forward. Balaam hit and yelled at his ride and was so mad that he was about to kill the animal when all of a sudden the donkey spoke to him. He said “What have I done to you to have you beat me these three times?” Now I don’t know about you but if an animal started speaking to me I would be terrified. But not Balaam. He spoke right back to the donkey. Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes so that he could see the angle and sword that was blocking the road. Now the donkey had seen the angel and had been trying to protect Balaam.

Nowadays we don’t hear about animals starting up conversations with humans. Even if we wish they were able to talk to us. However, there are other ways that God can use to speak to us. It can be through the people around us, through our classes, or simply the stillness of a moment. No matter what, God will find a way to communicate with us but it is up to us whether or not we chose to hear his voice.



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